Tiffany has a strong vision for the state of Connecticut.

This is a great state. Strides have been made to secure its future.

We just need to work together a little harder.

Here’s how. 
Priority #1: Putting the state’s fiscal house in order
Tiffany will work across the aisle to ensure Connecticut’s economic solvency by:

•    Cutting state spending responsibly while fighting for our fair share of municipal aid
•    Growing Connecticut’s economy:
•    Smart investments in tax incentives, ensuring strongest return on investment and thoroughly vetting existing ones, eliminating those that do not generate enough jobs or revenue
•     Continued investment and creation of job training programs, particularly for the state’s booming manufacturing industry 
•     Supporting small businesses by lowering costs and streamlining processes
Priority #2: Strengthen and secure Connecticut’s educational system
Our outstanding schools need our support. Tiffany will:

•    Fight for Andover, Bolton, Hebron, and Marlborough’s fair share of ECS funding. Too often, we are asked to do more with less.
•    Support universal pre-k programming, dependent on the cost analysis of a commissioned study.
•    Secure the solvency of the teacher’s pension fund by shifting and locking of lottery revenue.
Priority #3: Fight for Connecticut’s values
Connecticut stands for many great values. Tiffany will fight for:
•    Continued access and affordability of healthcare, including supporting essential health benefits and examining further ways to bring down the cost of prescription drug medications. 
•    Earned family leave – it’s good for families and will boost the state’s economy. 
•    Expanded voting rights, including early voting and looking into voting by mail systems.
•    Common sense gun safety legislation that a majority of Americans support while supporting the Second Amendment.
•    Increasing funding to the popular “circuit breaker” tax. 
•    Ensuring continuous funding of Medicare Savings Part D.


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